Roadmap available!

[DELIVERABLES] GEMSTONE is progressing well and fast! Two VIDs (Very Important Deliverables) are now available for download, sharing and viewing by a large audience. They are the result of hard work between the project partners to offer two relevant and useful tools to European companies and clusters. The green transition will be a success if everyone works together!

πŸ“ƒ 1. The strategic roadmap that gives original leads to meet the challenges of Green Manufacturing. The document also provides an overview of the 5 priority sectors. The roadmap was built following regional workshops organized with companies from partner ecosystems. Over 100 participants attended the workshops.

🌍 2. The T-I-E (Train-Innovate-Explore) map allows you to view information on training providers, innovation providers and international events related to Green Manufacturing. The main idea of ​​the map is to facilitate the search for specific information related to stakeholders or events related to Green Manufacturing issues by a company or a cluster. The map should be updated regularly with new and relevant information. Interested European partners are invited to keep in touch with GEMSTONE partners to feed the map with interesting information.

Available on the project website: FREE DOWNLOAD


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