Check the Guide for Applicants

Please download the proper Guide for Applicants with the links above. These documents are major to read and understand before applying.

In addition to the information session organized by GEMSTONE project on 14 September 2023, a FAQ has been prepared
to help potential applicants in the preparation of their project. This document provides complementary information to
the Guide of Applicants and cover all the financial support: TRAIN, EXPLORE, INNOVATE: GreenInnov & GreenAdopt.

For more information, please contact the project coordinator CIMES (Loïc MARIN) or the others partners Pôle EMC2 (Luisa Bouzoubaa), Pôle MecaTech (Thibaud van RoodenSophie Schmitz), Klaster Obróbki Metali (Janusz Poulakowski),  Cluster Engineering & Tooling (Rui TochaCristina Soares), Clust-ER Meccatronica e Motoristica (Nicolò Bertolini) and Green Tech Cluster Latvia (Laura GrundmaneAnete Grundberga).